The target markets for the initiative are both the countries that traditionally consume olive oil, and the ‘new consumer’ countries where the consumption of olive oil is actively growing. Both have the potential to support an increase in the consumption of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil, provided an adequate information/promotion campaign is put in place.

In particular, in addition to North Italy, Germany and England appear to possess the potential income levels to support a demand for a high quality product, a food culture sensitive to quality production, and the cultural sensibilities to understand the organoleptic, nutritional, environmental, historical and cultural value of extra-virgin olive oil.

The Target Group

The target groups are homogeneous groups by type of function that the product will fulfil. As regards the consumers, the socio-demographic characteristics are of high relevance.
The target groups identified for the purposes of this programme are:

  • consumers;
  • opinion leaders and opinion makers;
  • distributor buyers and HORECA retailers.