High Quality Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Promotional campaigns with recognition from CE

Extra virgin olive oil is 100% natural, obtained from ancient knowledge and ancient Sicilian traditions
It is a quality product, suitable for any type of contemporary cuisine. It combines the pleasure of the palate with a balanced and healthy diet
Consolidating and developing the organic oil consumption and knowledge of the youngest of the European population

Sicilian organic extra virgin olive oil

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Make the most of it properties of Organic Olive Oil, Extra virgin olive oil of Sicilian origin

  • Mediterranean diet
  • Organoleptic examinations
  • Chemical-Physical Analysis
Olive oil for the Mediterranean diet Just a few drops of Extra Virgin Olive Organic Olive Oil and some Mediterranean flavors, to transform a simple food into a delicious dish.

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Organoleptic examinations Color, Smell, Taste: these are the organoleptic characteristics of organic extra virgin olive oil that must excel in Panel Test.

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Quality Of Oils And Chemical-Physical Analysis The Organic Oil Extra Virgin is subjected to a series of analyzes, with the use of instrumental analytical methods very reliable, with the aim to verify the excellence of organoleptic qualities.

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